Meeting of the Thermophysical Society

Working Group of the Slovak Physical Society

Editor: Oldrich Zmeskal

Faculty of Chemistry, Brno University of Technology 2009

ISBN 978-80-214-3970-2 (Book of Abstracts)
ISBN 978-80-214-3986-3 (Proceedings)
Thermophysic 2009

29 - 30 October 2009
Hotel Hubertus, Valtice Chateu
Czech Republic

Conference Thermophysics is the annual traditional meeting of the Thermpohysical Society and Working Group of the Slovak Physical Society. Every year number of scientists working in the field of heat transport and storage attend this conference. The conference is focused above all on the computational modelling of heat transport processes and the experimental measurement of thermophysical and other related properties of wide range of materials. One of the conference scopes represents also the design and the development of advanced sensors and apparatuses for heat transport and storage material parameters characterization, and for monitoring of temperature fields in porous media. The conference is opened to a wide range of researchers working in thermophysics and other related fields.

This year is Thermophysics organized by Brno University of Technology and Czech Technical University in Prague, and it is for the first time, when the conference takes place in Czech Republic. Organisers kindly invite authors to send abstract and attend the conference.

Thermophysics 2009 will be held in Valtice - the Moravian town with one of the most impressive Baroque residences of Central Europe and well known wine cellars (Vinné sklepy Valtice)

  • June 30, 2009: Registration/Confirm preliminary registration
  • July 31, 2009: Final registration
  • August 31, 2009: Abstract submission
  • October 29 - 30, 2009: Conference Dates
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