Faculty of Chemistry, Brno University of Technology 2009

Meeting of the Thermophysical Society

Working Group of the Slovak Physical Society

Editor: Oldrich Zmeskal

Faculty of Chemistry, Brno University of Technology 2010

ISBN 978-80-214-4166-8 (Proceedings)
Invited Speaker
Rachel Becker
Associate Professor
Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Technion
Rabin Bldg., Technion City
Haifa 32000
Tel: +972 4 8292242, Fax: +972 4 8295775
Technion graduate in Building Eng. (B.Sc., & M.Sc. in Structural Eng.). Ph.D. From the Dep. of Applied Mech. & Eng. Science, U. of Michigan, Ann-Arbor, USA. Head of the Management & Construction Eng. undergraduate studies track, and of the Building Materials, Performance & Technology graduate studies track in the Faculty of Civ. & Env. Eng., Technion. Main research interests comprise implementation of a performance based approach in building, hygro-thermal and energy performance of sustainable buildings, overall performance of innovative technologies, an integrated impact-based approach to sustainability, and the incorporation of building physics, simulation, and mathematical modeling in the performance based design and evaluation of buildings and building systems. Implemented this approach while heading the investigation of overall performance on innovative building systems at the National Building Research Institute (1975-1996), and as Coordinator of CIB-W060 "The Performance Concept in Building". Most recent research is dedicated to the thermal and energy performance of buildings in warm climates, and the application of advanced materials (PCM) and controls (light dimming, selective shading, IAQ & night ventilation). Locally active as head of standardization committees. International activities included member of the CIB Board (1992-1998), Vice President of CIB (1995-1998), and member of the Board of IABP (since 2009).