Faculty of Chemistry, Brno University of Technology 2009

Meeting of the Thermophysical Society

Working Group of the Slovak Physical Society

Editor: Oldrich Zmeskal

Faculty of Chemistry, Brno University of Technology 2010

ISBN 978-80-214-4166-8 (Proceedings)
Conference Programme


14:00 Registration

15:00 CONFERENCE OPENING (Robert Cerny)

15:10 Invited lecture (30 minutes, Introduction of invited speaker: Robert Cerny)
Rachel Becker
..... Effects of PCM Application on Thermal and Energy Performance of Buildings in Summer

15:40 Lectures: Hygrothermal performance of building structures and materials (6 x 20 minutes, Chairman: Oldrich Zmeskal)
S. Olof Hägerstedt, Jesper Arfvidsson
..... Comparison of field measurements and calculations of relative humidity and temperature in wood framed walls

Matthias Kersken, Almuth Schade
..... How good is the insulation quality of IR reflective insulation products?

Christian Bludau, Thomas Schmidt, Hartwig M. Künzel
..... Hygrothermal effects in lightweight roofs shaded by PV-elements

Andrea Binder, Daniel Zirkelbach, Hartwig Künzel
..... New method to quantify liquid transport inside hydrophilic interior insulation materials

Dariusz Gawin, Francesco Pesavento, Marcin Koniorczyk, Mateusz Wyrzykowski, Witold Grymin
..... Modelling chemical degradation of cement based materials with mechanics of multiphase porous media

Ivan Baník, Jozefa Lukovičová, Gabriela Pavlendová, Juraj Veselský
..... Measurement of thermophysical properties of heat-insulating materials by constant temperature increase

18:00 DINNER




8:30 Invited lecture (30 minutes, Introduction of invited speaker: Vlastimil Bohac)
Ludovit Kubicar
..... Measuring Regime and Accuracy of the Transient Hot Ball Method

9:00 Lectures: Thermal performance and material properties (5 x 20 minutes, Chairman: Vlastimil Bohac)
Muhammad Abid, Ulf Hammerschmidt, Vladislav Meier
..... Dependence of thermophysical properties of sander sandstone on multiple pore filling fluids

Stanislav Stastník, Jiří Vala, Jaroslav Nováček, Daniel Kopkáně
..... Properties of PCM-modified building materials

Zbigniew Suchorab, Henryk Sobczuk, Mariusz Skwarczyński
..... Determination of red brick heat conductivity coefficient depending on moisture

Monika Wielgosz, Piotr Koniorczyk
..... Analysis of thermophysical parameters measurements of chosen foams, polymers and metals by transient plane source method

Jiří Vala, Stanislav Stastník
..... Identification problems of heat transfer in building materials


11:00 Invited lecture (30 minutes, Introduction of invited speaker: Peter Matiasovsky)
Peter Simon
..... Thermal Stability of Glass Evaluated by the Induction Period of Crystallization

11:30 Lectures: Moisture related problems (4 x 20 minutes, Chairman: Peter Matiasovsky)
Kamil Ďurana, Jiří Maděra, Robert Černý
..... Numerical analysis of coupled heat and moisture transfer in porous materials at high temperatures

Peter Mihalka, Peter Matiasovsky
..... Investigation of moisture transport in aluminium cooling panel plaster at cyclic water sorption regimes

Danica Fidríková, Ludovít Kubicar
..... Investigation of water diffusion in porous sandstone using transient hot-ball method

Olga Koronthalyova
..... Microstructure and water vapour adsorption of capillary-porous building materials

13:00 LUNCH

13:40 CULTURAL PROGRAMME - trip to environs of Valtice

19:00 SOCIAL PROGRAMME - conference dinner and wine testing




8:30 Invited lecture (30 minutes, Introduction of invited speaker: Ludovit Kubicar)
Andrzej J. Panas
..... Comparative-Complementary Investigations of Thermophysical Properties – High Thermal Resolution Procedures in Practice

9:00 Lectures: Thermophysical properties and testing methods (5 x 20 minutes, Chairman: Ludovit Kubicar)
Janusz Zmywaczyk , Marcin Gapski
..... Estimation of thermophysical parameters of stainless steel 1H18N9T by an inverse method

B. K. Sarkar, A. S. Verma
..... Photoacoustic spectroscopic investigation of temperature dependence of optical absorption in Cu2GeSe3

Svetozár Malinarič
..... Measurement of thermophysical properties of polypropylene-talc composite

Peter Sin, Rudolf Podoba, Igor Stubna
..... Thermodilatometry of the Brick Clay

Jan Toman, Tomas Korecky, Michal Frank, Robert Cerny
..... High Temperature Stability of Board Composites


11:10 Lectures: Thermophysical and hygric properties and testing methods (6 x 20 minutes, Chairman: Igor Medved)
Ivan Baník, Frantisek Čulík, Jozefa Lukovičová
..... Some specific problems of thermophysics semiconducting materials

Ján Ondruska, Igor Medveď, Anton Trník
..... Thermal diffusivity in electroceramics during linear heating

Oldřich Zmeskal, Jaroslav Polcer, Lenka Hrebenova, Pavla Stefková
..... Determination of Thermal and Moisture Parameters from the Transient Responses

Peter Mihalka, Peter Matiasovsky, Matus Holubek
..... Determination of liquid water diffusivity of lime-cement perlite plaster at cyclic wetting and drying regimes

Vlastimil Bohac, Ludovít Kubicar, Viliam Vretenar
..... Thermophysical properties of natural sandstone measured by pulse transient technique. A new model for cuboid shape samples

Beatrix Almero Lavie, Ludovit Kubicar
..... Calibration of the Hotball sensors

13:10 LUNCH


Papers that were not presented within the conference programme will be published in the conference proceedings as well as presented papers.
Lunches and Wednesday dinner are not included in the conference fees