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For authors

Publication of papers
In 2016 the conference proceedings will be published in the AIP Conference Proceedings Series that is published by the American Institute of Physics Publishing LLC.

Guidelines for Authors
It is extremely important for all authors to follow these guidelines so that the proceedings are not delayed by problematic papers.

1. The proceedings papers must comply with the ethical standards as described at
The proceedings editors as well as AIP Publishing reserve the right to exclude any or all material from publication, should they deem the material (a) as being unsuitable for publication based on form or content, or (b) as being in conflict with the author instructions and ethical standards.

2. Prepare your paper, using the AIP Word Template as a doc file

3. Each paper should have between 4 and 6 pages. Shorter papers will be excluded from the proceedings. Longer papers may be submitted only after the consent of a Proceedings Editor.

4. Prepare and format references with care.

5. Do not add page numbers or headers/footers. Our article templates deliberately do not include these, so please do not add them.

6. Do not alter the margins of our templates.

7. Use clear, legible graphics and diagrams. The guiding principle is to think of your readers. Will they be able to read the text with very small graphics, especially scaled-down bitmap images? Try to consider readers who may have restricted vision. Generally, use the highest quality graphics possible, placed within your article at a sensible size so that the text is clear and legible. Here are some recommendations for raster images (halftones, line art/bitmaps):
- If you are scanning line art: use a minimum 600 dpi resolution.
- If you are scanning photographs or images (creating halftones): 300 dpi.
- Use 600 dpi for combinations line art halftones.
- Save line art as black/white bitmap, not greyscale.
- Save halftones and combinations as greyscale, not black/white bitmap.

8. Color printing requests: Printed copies of the proceedings will be printed in greyscale. If you want to print any of your article pages in color, please contact a Proceedings Editor as soon as possible. Online use of color is free, however. Authors are advised that some colors do not reproduce well when converted to greyscale for printing. You are advised to print your color graphics on one or two reasonable quality office laser printers to determine whether the colored elements are easy to read. Although this check is not fully scientific, it may highlight obvious problems. For example, if your graphics contain fine line art that uses lighter shades of yellow or green these may become difficult to distinguish when printed.

9. Please print, sign, scan, and submit the Copyright Transfer Form as a PDF file.

10. If you plan to use copyrighted material in your paper, you must obtain permission to use it from the owner of the copyright and/or authors. In this case, please contact a Proceedings Editor as soon as possible to make necessary arrangement. Regretfully, papers submitted to AIP without appropriate copyright permissions may be excluded from the proceedings without any opportunity to resubmit. Seeking copyright permission at that late stage can cause significant delay in publication which would be unfair to other authors in the proceedings.

All abstracts and manuscripts must be submitted in English. The invited and contributed talks will be given in English, which is the official conference language.

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  • March 1, 2018: Preliminary registration, Abstract submission
  • March 15, 2018: Notification of abstract acceptance
  • April 15, 2018: Paper submission
  • May 15, 2018: Notification of manuscript acceptance
  • June 15, 2018: Conference fee payment
  • 7th September - 9th November 2018: Conference Time