Faculty of Chemistry, Brno University of Technology 2009

Meeting of the Thermophysical Society

Working Group of the Slovak Physical Society

Editor: Oldrich Zmeskal

Faculty of Chemistry, Brno University of Technology 2010

ISBN 978-80-214-4345-7 (Proceedings)
Conference Programme


14:00 Registration

15:00 CONFERENCE OPENING (Ludovit Kubicar)

15:10 Invited lecture (30 minutes, Introduction of invited speaker: Ludovit Kubicar)
Julius Krempasky
..... The Growth and the Decline of Thermoelectric Measurements

15:40 Lectures (3 x 20 minutes) Hygrothermal performance of building structures and materials, chairman Ludovít Kubicar

Kamil Durana, Tomas Korecky, Miroslava Lapkova, Jan Toman, Robert Černý
..... Effect of temperature on liquid water transport in autoclaved aerated concrete (to 16:00)

Václav Koci, Jan Koci, Jiri Madera, Robert Cerný, Xinying Lu
..... Computational analysis of energy efficiency of selected building envelopes provided with thermal insulation systems (to 16:20)

Jozef Kovac, Anton Trnik, Igor Medved
..... Fly-ash influence on the thermal diffusivity of ceramic samples (to 16:40)

16:40 COFFEE BREAK (20 minutes)

17:00 Lectures (3 x 20 minutes) Thermal performance and material properties, chairman Bimal Kumar Sarkar

Dominika Trefon-Radziejewska, Jerzy Bodzenta
..... Investigation of thermal diffusivity dependence on temperature of pure and doped YVO4 single crystals by thermal wave method (to 17:20)

Marcin Gapski, Piotr Koniorczyk, Janusz Zmywaczyk
..... Estimation of thermophysical parameters of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) by a hybrid method (to 17:40)

Dariusz Gawin, Francesco Pesavento
..... Simplified and full mathematical models of concrete degradation during slow heating to high temperature- a comparative study (to 18:00)

18:00 DINNER




9:00 Invited lecture (30 minutes, Introduction of invited speaker: Anton Trnik)
Bimal Kumar Sarkar
..... Photoacoustic Spectroscopy: A tool for the investigation of thermal and optical properties of solids

9:30 Lectures (4 x 20 minutes) Thermal performance and material properties, chairman Anton Trnik

Jana Moravcikova, Jan Ondruska, Anton Trnik, Igor Medved
..... Isothermal dilatometric study of sintering in electroceramics (to 9:50)

Vratislav Tydlitat, Jan Zakoutsky, Robert Cerny
..... Theoretical Analysis of Sensitivity of Heat Flow Sensor in Isothermal Calorimeter (to 10:10)

Ivan Christov, Gabriela Pavlendova, Juraj Veselsky
..... Dilatometer used for Measurements in Building Materials Testing (to 10:30)

Vlastimil Bohac, Peter Dieska, L. Kubicar, V. Vretenar
..... Pulse transient model for finite size of cuboid samples tested on stone materials (to 10:50)

10:50 COFFEE BREAK (20 minutes)

11:10 Lectures (5 x 20 minutes) Thermal performance and material properties, chairman Oldrich Zmeskal

Viliam Vretenar, Ludovit Kubicar, Vlastimil Bohac and Peter Dieska
..... New Hot ring method for thermophysical parameters measurement: preliminary results and analysis (to 11:30)

Daniel Kopkane, Karel Trojan, Jaroslav Novacek
..... Properties study of reflexive thermal-insulation multilayer for external constructions (to 11:50)

Stanislav Stastník, Jiri Vala, Karel Trojan
..... Energy demand for building objects with controlled interior temperature (to 12:10)

Ivan Banik, Jozefa Lukovicova, Gabriela Pavlendova
..... Crystallization processes in disordered materials and Meyer-Neldel rule (to 12:30)

Oldrich Zmeskal, Lenka Dohnalova, Pavla Stefkova
..... Using of multi-parametric non-linear regression method based on step wise measurements for determining of thermal parameters of phase change materials (to 12:50)

13:00 LUNCH

13:40 CULTURAL PROGRAMME - visit to Chateau Mikulov (Zámek Mikulov)

19:00 SOCIAL PROGRAMME - conference dinner and wine testing




9:00 Invited lecture (30 minutes, Introduction of invited speaker: Zbysek Pavlik)
Ulf Hammerschmidt
..... Propagation of Heat in a Saturated Porous Medium: Sander Sandstone

9:30 Lectures (3 x 20 minutes) Moisture related problems, chairman Zbysek Pavlik

Danica Fidrikova, Ludovít Kubicar
..... Comparison of water transport in the sandstones with different porosity (to 9:50)

Olga Koronthalyova, Peter Matiasovsky, Juraj Veselsky, Daniel Szabo
..... Hysteretic effects ofmoisture storage of calcium silicate insulation boards (to 10:10)

T. Palszegi and M. Holubek
..... Effective permittivity modelling of lime-cement perlite plaster (to 10:30)

10:30 COFFEE BREAK (20 minutes)

10:50 Lectures (3 x 20 minutes) Moisture related problems, chairman Igor Medved

Ludovit Kubicar, Danica Fidrikova, Viliam Vretenar, Jan Vlcko, Vladimír Greif, Martin Brcek, Ivana Simkova
..... Monitoring of temperature-moisture regime of rock massive at SpisCastle (to 11:10)

Jan Koci, Jiri Madera, Zbysek Pavlik, Eva Vejmelkova, Robert Cerny
..... A Transient Analysis of Water Vapor Transport in Porous Materials in Dependence on Relative Humidity (to 11:30)

Peter Mihalka, Peter Matiasovsky, Bozena Vasilkovova
..... Sorption hysteresis of lightweight carbonate plasters (to 11:50)

12:00 LUNCH


Papers that were not presented within the conference programme will be published in the conference proceedings as well as presented papers.
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